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Q. Why do we need static charts and models when the Internet is full of interactive ones?

A. One answer is its convenience and low cost due to mass production. Static charts require only the pages upon which they are printed rather than a computer and the Internet. A printed chart can not only be seen by students on the wall in virtually all science classrooms, they are in all chemistry books, and can be folded up and carried in a pocket.
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      A printed 2-D chart is completely random access while you see it, while an computer based interactive chart is equally random access at each step, but can reveal an entirely new chart at a click, with multiple choices at each screen, accessed only by electronic means, while printed charts, while ubiquitous, each carry limited data.
      Some alternative 2-D element periodic tables (usually spiral) have been developed as an improvement for learning for new students. These, in a continuous unidirectional periodic spiral of element data blocks, generally have an elliptical shape, with each block representing a different chemical element;
              The blocks are positioned so that chemical elements in a Period are in a single spiral loop, and each successive Period has a larger circumference than a preceding Period;

      Static charts are being supplanted in many academic and lab settings by computer based tables, as so much different data is so well and so quickly displayed interactively.


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Detailed answer to “Why do we need static charts and models when the Internet is full of interactive ones?”
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