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Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray

Theodore Gray

Theodore W. Gray is one of the founders of Wolfram Research and is currently Wolfram's Director of User Interface Technology. He writes a regular column for Popular Science entitled Gray Matter. Additionally, he wrote the introduction to Michael Swanwick's The Periodic Table of Science Fiction.

Wolfram Research is an international company that summarizes its aim as "Pushing the Envelope of Technical Computing". The main product of Wolfram Research is mathematica, an environment for technical computing. The co-founder and CEO of Wolfram Research is Stephen Wolfram, scientist and author, who maintains close involvement with the development of mathematica.

Theo is a force of nature. Once something gets into his head there is no stopping him! He recounts; "For well over a hundred years the world has failed to take proper notice of the word "Table" clearly contained in the name of the famous Periodic Table of the Elements."

"One evening while reading Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks, I became momentarily confused. He begins a chapter with a description of a periodic table display he loved to visit in the Kensington Science Museum, and in mis-reading the paragraph, I thought it was a table, not the wall display it actually is. While my confusion only lasted a few seconds, when I found out there wasn't a Periodic Table in the British Museum, it left a hole I felt I had to fill."

He also got in his mind to purchase the web domain "" from me (Roy Alexander) and he got it - making it into a fabulous technical marvel for students and professionals alike. The beauty and interactivity has also found its way onto iPhones and the iPad - by the tens of thousands!

The photographically illustrated printed periodic table products he has developed are completely unique. He probably has the largest, most complete library of stock photographs of the elements and their applications available anywhere, as well as a large and growing collection of 3-D images documenting hundreds of samples rotated through 360 degrees.

The images on his posters come from his library of over a thousand element samples, many collected or re-photographed specially for posters. A few highly unstable elements, however, show a picture of the person or place after which the element is named, or a mineral that contains trace amounts of the element.

Theodore (Theo) Gray

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